Le Domaine

The mill lies in the bottom of a deep valley in 8 hectares (20 acres) of fields and forest. There is half a kilometre of trout stream including a weir controlling a mill-race that feeds the millpond. There are four fields in the valley bottom and one on the shoulder of the hill where Coquette grazes, sometimes with a foal. Rocky crags in the valley sides have accessible flattish tops from which there are some fine views. Most of the domaine is woodland, mostly of sweet chestnut and oaks with some poplars in the valley bottom, walnut trees and several fruit: apples, peaches and cherries. The sun reaches into the valley from the east in the morning and from the west in the evening, when it is delightful to walk along the riverside track. There are resident heron, buzzard, woodpecker, tits, songbirds and a hoopoe has been seen. Deer, hares and a wild pig have been spotted in the valley.

Views of the Buildings
The approach showing the barn ahead

Entrance to the Gite

Mill and Gite beyond

View across the millpond

View from the top

The Environs View across the lawn towards the house

View from field towards the house

View of field from the other direction

Walk along river to the 'beach'

A crag - the site has many rocky outcrops

View down the river from the lawn

Another view of the river


willow said...

Fascinating place, this mill! Good luck with the sale. I'm here via the black box widget. :)

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What a beautiful place.

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Beautiful place.
Good luck selling it.

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That looks beautiful

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Too sad that your beautiful home is for sale. Good luck to you.

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Lovely blog - lovely property!

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Found you through the black box. Your description on the house, wow the words were just jumping off the page.

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tsduff said...

Why is your lovely mill for sale? Your pictures make me wish to see it with my own eyes... I don't speak any French though.

iriegal said...

I came here by way of the black box..what a wonderful rustic site. I love the imagery on your site. Great layout

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You are obviously very proud of your little piece of paradise. And quite rightly so, it's absolutely beautiful.

Crystal Jigsaw xx
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Incredible...I was led to you by Black Box -- and now I'm going to spend half the morning wandering thru your site :) I thought also you might like this site, it's very much in the theme of yours:

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Guillaume said...

Beautiful. Old houses have such charm.